La Bolée


La Bolée is a still cider with delicate aromas of green apples, peach, and honeydew melon. It is a dry and crisp beverage that is cleansing to the palate: great with light meals!



McIntosh, Lobo, Cortland.

The apples are handpicked and crushed in a single press. Once pressed, the juice is fermentation at low temperatures. The Bolée is aged on its lees then filtered and cold bottled to ensure that there is little CO2 and maintain its freshness.

RESULT (7% alc./vol.)
La Bolée is a still, dry cider with delicate aromas of apple, peach and honeydew melon. Its round mouth offers flavours of peach, a hint of CO2 and a fresh finish.

Serve chilled between 8oC to 10oC.
This beverage is a perfect accompaniment to white meats, sushi, mussels, salmon tartare and Mediterranean skewers. In cooking, La Bolée is an excellent substitute for white wine.


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