Cidre des glaces


Our ice cider has a lovely dark golden hue with subtle yet complex aromas of apricot, caramel, dates and banana. To the palate, you will uncover flavours of crème brulé and dried apricots. This ice cider is rich yet well balanced with a refreshing acidity that truly enhanced it’s flavours.

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McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Liberty, Trent.

Ice cider is obtained by cryoconcentration, which involves freezing the apple must throughout the winter to extract a concentrated syrup rich in sugar and flavour. This nectar is fermented at low temperature for six to eight months to produce this superb Des Glaces cider.

RESULT (10% alc./vol.)
This ice cider has a rich golden colour, with subtle and complex aromas of apricot, caramel, dates, and banana. It is smooth on the palate, with a nice acidity that helps cut the rich flavours of crème brûlée and dried apricot.

Serve chilled 8 oC to 10 oC
It goes wonderfully with foie gras mousse, firm matured cheeses (such as Alfred le Fermier), dried fruit desserts and apple tart.


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