La Bolée Pétillante

14 prix

This sparkling cider with delicate aromas of apples and pears is refreshing on the palate. It has a pleasant acidity and fine bubbles, giving it all its elegance.

Mystique Rosé

Mystique Rosé - Du Minot

5 prix

This sparkling rosé cider at 5% alc./vol. presenting delicate aromas of apple and berries is refreshing in the mouth with its delicate bitterness due to red fleshed apples Geneva and Mount Royal. Its fine bubbles reflect all its elegance.

Crémant de pomme rosé

Crémant de pomme rosé - Du Minot

8 prix

Rosé cider with red fruits aromas such as strawberry and raspberry and fresh taste, with a slight bitterness (effect of the tannins of the Geneva) which gives it its rebellious little character and its persistent foam.

La Bolée

La Bolée - Cidrerie du Minot

17 prix

A still, dry cider with delicate aromas of apple, peach and honeydew melon. Its round mouth offers peach flavors, a little bit of CO2 and a fresh finish.