Le Clos


Le Clos is a sparkling cider that has been dealcoholized. With only 0.5% alcohol, it still has a lovely bouquet of fresh apples and honey. It has a crisp and slightly mineral taste that is super refreshing!



METHOD (natural effervescence)
These handpicked apples are crushed and then pressed with a belt press to extract the juice cold. Next, the apple must is fermented at low temperatures.

RESULT (0.5% alc./vol.)
Le Clos is a sparkling cider with a very low alcohol content and has an intense bouquet of fresh apple and honey. You will be charmed by its crip and slightly tangy apple flavour.

Serve chilled between 4 ° C and 6 ° C.
Ideal as an aperitif or served with desserts, such as meringues, fresh fruit tarts or fresh mousselines. An excellent substitute for a celebratory non-alcoholic beverage!


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