La Croisée


The Croisée is an ingenious combination of sparkling cider and ice cider. It is not too dry nor too sweet. It is a light cider with only 7% alcohol that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or served with a fruity dessert. On the palate, you will find a pleasing crisp apple flavour with a hint of candied apricot.


McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Liberty, Trent.

METHOD (natural effervescence)
This sparkling cider is obtained by fermenting the apple must twice in closed vats (on their lees). The filtration process follows, and finally, a hint of ice cider is added to this dry, sparkling cider.

RESULT (7% alc./vol.)
La Croisée is an ingenious cross between a sparkling cider and an ice cider. This product with fine bubbles containing 7% alcohol
reveals fresh aromas of apricot and toasted brioche.

It is smooth and fresh on the palate, with good persistence—a delicious product to try. La Croisée is the best of both worlds!

Serve chilled between 4 ° C and 6 ° C.


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