Crémant de pomme rosée


The Crémant de Pomme Rosé has aromas of red fruits, such as strawberry and raspberry. On the palate, it has a crisp and slightly tannic finish due to the Geneva apple. You will also be surprised with a lovely taste of fresh apples and cherries towards the end. This cider is the rebel of our collection and is exciting to drink!



Geneva (small red-fleshed, tannic apple), Mont-Royal and McIntosh.

RESULT (2.5% alc./vol.)
The Crémant Rosé is a pink cider with aromas of red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry. The fresh taste of apple and cherry and light tannins will undoubtedly enchant you.

Cool between 4 ° C and 6 ° C.
It is ideal as an aperitif and for brunch. It also goes well with smoked salmon, dried sausages, shrimp tapas, and small bites of goat cheese and cranberries. In addition, its low alcohol content makes the Crémant de pomme Rosé is the perfect accomplice to cocktails with friends and family celebrations.


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