Crémant de Glace


Our Crémant de Glace is a unique product! We have created a sparkling ice cider using the Charma method. This tedious process allows us to produce a cider with delicate bubbles created naturally throughout the fermentation process. When you taste it, you will taste complex aromas of confit apples, apricot, raisins and baking spices. One of our most popular products, the Crémant de Glace will seduce you by its charm!


McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Liberty, Trent.

METHOD (natural effervescence)
This ice cider is obtained through cryoconcentration (the process of freezing the apple must throughout the winter to extract a concentrated syrup). This nectar is fermented at low temperatures for six to eight months.

To become a Crémant (sparkling cider), it benefits from a second fermentation in closed vats. The second fermentation creates a natural effervescence that makes it such a unique dessert cider.

RESULTS (7.5% alc./vol.)
It is a sparkling ice cider with delicate bubbles, well-balanced acidity, and subtle yet complex aromas of candied apple, apricot, grape and baking spices.

Serve chilled between 6 ° C and 8 ° C
Enjoy as an aperitif or enjoy it with something decadent. It marries perfectly with foie gras, baked brie, soft or firm cheeses, or even with crème brûlée and chocolate desserts.


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