Mystique Rosé
Mystique Rosé - Du Minot
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Categoy: Rosé cider
4.5 % Alc./Vol.
27 g sugar/litre
Offered in size 250 ml
Serve chilled between 4 °C and 6 °C.


McIntosh, Geneva, Mont-Royal


Ripe apples are hand picked and then crushed and pressed gently with a belt press. The must obtained is fermented at low temperature to preserve the aromas. A second fermentation in a closed tank makes it possible to obtain a natural effervescence unique to this type of sparkling cider.


This sparkling rosé cider at 5% alc./vol. presenting delicate aromas of apple and berries is refreshing in the mouth with its delicate bitterness due to red fleshed apples Geneva and Mount Royal. Its fine bubbles reflect all its elegance.

Ideal as an aperitif with its rosé color, it pairs with refinement grilled fish dishes, kebabs, goat cheese and soft cheese.