Crémant de pomme rosé
Crémant de pomme rosé - Du Minot
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Categoy: Rosé cider
2.5 % Alc./Vol.
35 g sugar/litre
Offered in size 750 ml
Serve chilled between 4 °C and 6 °C.


Geneva (small apple with tannic red flesh), Mont-Royal and McIntosh.


The apples are handpicked, crushed, and pressed in one pressing. They are then fermented at low temperatures in sealed tanks, creating natural effervescence with no added sugar.


Rosé cider with red fruits aromas such as strawberry and raspberry and fresh taste, with a slight bitterness (effect of the tannins of the Geneva) which gives it its rebellious little character and its persistent foam. A nice greedy mouth on the freshness of the apple and a final on the cherry.

Ideal as an aperitif and for brunches, it also pairs well with smoked fish, dry sausages, shrimp tapas and small goat cheese and cranberry bites. Its low alcohol content makes Crémant de pomme rosé perfect for cocktails with friends and family celebrations.