Brut - Du Minot
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Categoy: Sparkling cider
7 % Alc./Vol.
20 g sugar/litre
Offered in size 750 ml
Serve between 6 °C and 8 °C.


McIntosh, Lobo, Cortland, Empire


Inspired by the traditional ciders produced in Britanny, where cider containing natural residual sugar undergoes a second in-bottle fermentation before being marketed with the dregs. Brut, a cidre bouché aged on lees, is obtained through a second fermentation in sealed tanks of cider containing natural residual sugar. It is then filtered before bottling, while having had a minimum of 6 months to age on lees.


This cider has a beautiful robe with green reflection and a very fine effervescence. The finesse and freshness of the nose are expressed under aromas of ripe apple and pear with notes of spices and yeast. On the palate, the perfect balance of residual sugar and acidity from the aging on lees creates an explosion of freshness and grace.

Perfect as an aperitif, it also makes an excellent Kir Royal. Great for brunches, it goes well with savoury or sweet crepes. Perfect match with grilled scallops, pork roulade with candied apples or with an ashen cheese (Le Douanier) or flowery crust.