La Bolée Pétillante

14 prix

This sparkling cider with delicate aromas of apples and pears is refreshing on the palate. It has a pleasant acidity and fine bubbles, giving it all its elegance.


Brut - Du Minot

25 prix

This cider has a beautiful robe with green reflection and a very fine effervescence. The finesse and freshness of the nose are expressed under aromas of ripe apple and pear with notes of spices and yeast.

Crémant de pomme

Crémant de pomme - Du Minot

39 prix

A light sparkling cider with an intense bouquet of fresh apple, melon and apple blossoms. The balance between its bubbles, its natural sugar and its beautiful acidity make it a unique and inimitable cider.

Sparkling apple must

This sparkling apple must is made entirely from our best apples. Its intense bouquet of fresh apple, is slightly tangy. With no sugar added, it is refreshing and thirst quenching.

Point 5

Point 5 - Cidrerie Du Minot

1 prix

A sparkling cider with a very low alcohol content. Its intense bouquet of fresh apple and honey is slightly acidulous. Its natural effervescence gives it a frank and fruity taste. Its finale ends on a touch of honey.

La Croisée

La Croisée - Du Minot

10 prix

Ingenious cross between a sparkling cider and an ice cider. This product with fine bubbles containing 7 % alcohol reveals fresh aromas with hints of apricot brought by ice cider.